Mrs. Shreve

Mrs. Shreve
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Welcome to North Elementary's
Instructional Office!

Hello, my name is Mrs. Shreve. I have been a staff member at North Elementary since 1991. I have a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Arts degree from Western Michigan University.  Since I believe in lifelong learning, I continue to take graduate courses and attend professional development workshops.  Each novel discovery always excites and motivates me to make learning fun for students. Over the years working for the Comstock Public School District, I have taught second grade, third grade, fourth, and fifth grade at North Elementary.  During my teaching career, I have taught with a variety of other grade levels through subbing and summer school positions. Each group of students always brings its own joys.  In 2015, I became North Elementary's Instructional Coach.  Instead of just working with students in one classroom, I look forward to working with all grade levels of children throughout the building!

Working with children is thrilling.  I look forward to helping them meet their goals in all areas.  I hope to support teachers to make learning a fun experience while also insuring students meet their academic and social goals.  I welcome any assistance parents and community members are willing to offer.  I look forward to helping each child grow academically and socially.  I anticipate a wonderful year!