Withdrawing a Student

We're moving and I need to withdraw my son/daughter from school.
What do I need to do?

To withdraw a student from the high school, an office staff member must speak to the parent or legal guardian to confirm the date the student is leaving, along with the reason for withdrawal. We will then have the student come in the student services office the beginning of the day on the last day of attendance to pick up a "withdrawal" form. This will be taken to each teacher, who will in turn fill in grade to date, collect books, and advise if there are missing materials. The media center will also confirm no fines/library books are due. The last stop for the student will be in the student services office where we will also confirm no debts from previous years are outstanding. In the event debts are present, the parent/legal guardian will be contacted immediately so this reponsibility can be taken care of.

For your convenience, we can provide an envelope with enrollment documents that will help the parent/guardian enroll the student at a new school. Also, the new school will probably have you sign a "records release" form that will permit us to send their academic cumulative file to the new school.

Should you have any questions regarding withdrawing your child from our high school, please feel free to contact one of our deans or office staff. We wish to make your move to a new school as smooth as possible and will be glad to answer any questions.