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Summer IXL Challenge!

IXL ChallengeDear Parents,
To promote learning and to help students retain what they've learned this year, students will have access to IXL through the summer months. This is a program students are familiar with and should be able to work on
independently. To encourage the students to make the best use of this program, we are offering an incentive!!! Every student that completes their grade level challenge will receive a surprise when he/she returns to school in the fall.

Every student who completes all the tasks for each of the following standards by September 7th will earn a surprise when he/she returns to school in the fall.

Click on the attachments to see each grade levels challange. The last attachment has student's passwords in case they don't remember theirs.






Please click on the attachments to view our Parent Involvement Compact and Title I Parent Involvement Policy.



15 Social Media Sites Parents Need to Know About!


Parent Portal Information:

Please call the NEMS office at 250-8600 if you would like to set up a Parent Portal for Infinite Campus. At this site you will be able to check your students grades, attendance, and missing assignment reports.


Michigan eLibrary (MeL) Databases at your School!

Teachers, students and parents can find reliable, vetted resources for classroom projects, papers and instruction in the Michigan eLibrary, Using Google is fine, but using MeL resources takes the guess work out of whether a source is reliable or not. Plus, MeL resources that focus on K-12 education are structured with educators in mind. We have added some new resources this month that will be available for the next three years and are of particular interest. They include: eLibrary, CultureGrams, Opposing Viewpoints in Context. They join the continuing MeL databases specifically for K-12: eLibrary Elementary; Kids InfoBits Infotrac Junior and Student; Gale Virtual Reference Library; SIRS Discoverer; SIRS Renaissance; and LearningExpress Library—MeL’s test and tutorials database where students can take skills building tests and courses in the core subject areas beginning in grade 4 through college including college entrance exams such as the ACT and SAT. Please check out MeL’s Kids and Teens Gateways, and

Reduced Price Internet

Below is information on Comcast's Internet Essentials Program. It is a great program aimed at individuals who have at least one child receiving free school lunches.

Comcast offers reduced internet for $9.95 a month (plus tax) and a laptop computer for $149.99 (plus tax) at initial enrollment. The computers come with Windows 7 Starter Edition installed. Computers with upgraded software are also offered for $250. There are four qualifications for the program:

  1. Be located in an area where Comcast offers service

  2. Have at least one child receiving free school lunches through the National School Lunch Program

  3. Have not subscribed to any Comcast services in the last 90 days

  4. Have no outstanding Comcast bills or equipment

To sign up for the program individuals need to call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376). An application will be mailed to the resident. It needs to be completed and returned with lunch program documents from the child's school. Upon receiving the application Comcast should let applicants know within 7-10 days if they qualify. More information can be found at

Other internet providers including Time Warner, Charter, and Cox should begin offering similar services modeled off of this program in the spring of 2012.